Great experience for a stressful situation.  Professional service, friendly service.  Derek was fantastic.  David helped to merge onto freeway traffic.  Thank you Derek & David!

I was worried because I don’t have road side insurance because of the cost it’s good to know there is service like this free when it’s needed.  Mr Gaui is awesome, friendly!

FSP Operator was extremely efficient, polite and concerned about our safety!!

I was very pleased with the help I received.  There were 2 guys that helped. They were the most friendly guys!  I really appreciate all the help — This was my 1st time ever needing this service.

Howard is very professional and courteous.  He explained in detail of what was going to be done.  Very awesome job.  Thank you FSP and Howard!

Guy did an excellent job.  Provided a sense of calm and stability when I was panicking!

Really appreciated the help, tow our truck to a safe side of the freeway where we could relax and wait for our tow truck.

Appreciate what you do!  Thank you — it is the greatest thing when you’re stuck. Mahalo!!!

Outstanding, courteous service!  Mahalo Nui Loa!

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